The record EuroJackpot prize has been won! 12/04/2013

Check out the facts about the biggest eurojackpot prize ever

The EuroJackpot draw that took place on friday, 12/04/2013, was a historical one. The lottery had been rolling over for the past 10 draws. This historical draw produced a record jackpot prize, set at €46 million. This Euro Lotto prize was almost €17 million Euros more than the previous EuroJackpot record prize. Such a prize amount might […]

EuroJackpot Draw: Buy Tickets for the Record Draw Today, 12.04.2013

Find where to buy tickets for tonight's EuroJackpot Draw

Tonight we have a very special EuroJackpot draw. The newest european lottery has been rolling over for quite a while now, and it has reached a historical record jackpot amount. On tonight’s draw, if one ticket or more manages to match those lucky EuroJackpot numbers, a happy or more person might take home the staggering […]

EuroJackpot Result: Winning Numbers for Friday, 22.03.2013

Euro Jackpot results and winning numbers

We have the latest EuroJackpot result for you and it’s a very surprising one. On this Friday’s draw, 22.03.2013, no euro lotto player managed to pick all the winning numbers and the prize now rolls over! As always, a roll over is bad news but also extremely good news at the same time. An EuroJackpot […]

EuroJackpot Results: Check out the euro lotto’s last draw 08.mar.2013 winning numbers!

The EuroJackpot results are in! The last draw was a very anticipated event for the Euro Lotto lovers. No one had managed to pick the right numbers, and the Euro Jackpot had rolled over for the past five draws. That’s quite a lot for this young lottery, and the jackpot was set at € 21.000.000 – a generous […]

The EuroJackpot Result For The 01.03.2013 Draw: The Winning Lottery Numbers Are In!

Looking for the latest EuroJackpot result? I can’t blame you. The lottery had rolled over on the last draw last friday, so for this 1st of march hopes were running high. Our players were very anxious to know if the jackpot would finally be won, or if it would roll over like its sister euro […]

Eurojackpot Lotto Results for 1st of February 2013

The EuroJackpot lotto jackpot wasn’t hit on the 1st of February 2013. The next draw will be for a 11 million Euro Jackpot. The next draw will take place on the 8th of February 2013, or tomorrow night to be exact. You can read more about this great lottery here: Play Eurojackpot The next EuroJackpot […]

Eurojackpot vs Euromillions

Here’s a brief, interesting comparison of two of the most popular European Lotteries i.e. Eurojackpot vs Euromillions. There are several similarities as well as dissimilarities, but both of them have the potential to change your life once and for all – just like they have already changed the lives of many!      Eurojackpot                                     vs            […]

EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers: Result from 13/10/2012 Draw


Find out the EuroJackpot winning lottery numbers from last draw! Results from 13/10/2012 EuroJackpot had been rolling over for quite some time now… Because of the high jackpot, millions of lotto players, from the most diverse places around the globe, tried their luck on this last friday’s draw, on 13/10/2012. On this draw, happening again […]

EuroJackpot Results and Winning Numbers: 05/10/2012 Draw


EuroJackpot Results: View Here the Winning Numbers for the Last Draw on 05/10/2012 The EuroJackpot results are in! Check out the winning numbers here from last friday’s draw. Last draw saw a large number of tickets sold as the lottery reached a big roll-over. The draw happened yet again in the city of Helsinki, the […]

EuroJackpot Lottery on Record Rollover: 05.10.2012 Draw

check out the latest eurojackpot results and winning numbers

EuroJackpot Lottery is on a record rollover! Next draw, 05/10/10112, EuroJackpot could pay out the amazing sum of EU €16,000,000.00. The lottery has not been won for the past 5 weeks, so the jackpot has been growing since the 31st of august, 2012 draw. That’s quite a long time for this lottery, and quite an exciting […]