EuroJackpot Result: Winning Numbers for Friday, 22.03.2013

Euro Jackpot results and winning numbers

We have the latest EuroJackpot result for you and it’s a very surprising one. On this Friday’s draw, 22.03.2013, no euro lotto player managed to pick all the winning numbers and the prize now rolls over! As always, a roll over is bad news but also extremely good news at the same time. An EuroJackpot […]

The EuroJackpot Result For The 01.03.2013 Draw: The Winning Lottery Numbers Are In!

Looking for the latest EuroJackpot result? I can’t blame you. The lottery had rolled over on the last draw last friday, so for this 1st of march hopes were running high. Our players were very anxious to know if the jackpot would finally be won, or if it would roll over like its sister euro […]

EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers: Result from 13/10/2012 Draw


Find out the EuroJackpot winning lottery numbers from last draw! Results from 13/10/2012 EuroJackpot had been rolling over for quite some time now… Because of the high jackpot, millions of lotto players, from the most diverse places around the globe, tried their luck on this last friday’s draw, on 13/10/2012. On this draw, happening again […]

EuroJackpot Result – Winning Numbers from 14/09/2012 Draw!

EuroJackpot Result

EuroJackpot Result: Find here the winning numbers from last Friday’s 14/09/2012 draw EuroJackpot draws happen every friday, and here you can see the EuroJackpot Result from this last friday’s draw, which happened on 14/09/2012. The result is available as soon as the numbers are processed. On the last friday’s draw, EuroJackpot Lottery had rolled-over and […]

EuroJackpot Result! Numbers for the last draw 07/09/2012

Big Eurojackpot lottery prize won in draw on 6. December 2013

The EuroJackpot Result is here – check out the winning numbers from the 07/09/2012 draw The latest EuroJackpot result is in! Last draw happened, as every week, on a Friday. This friday’s draw drove many eager players to our favorite EuroJackpot lottery internet agent and millions of tickets have been sold. Here you can see […]

EuroJackpot Result: Lotto Winning Numbers Friday, 24 August Draw

EuroJackpot Result! Check out the Lotto Winning Numbers from Friday’s draw 24 August 2012 The numbers are in and here you can see the latest EuroJackpot Result. This Friday, 24 August, 2012, the EuroJackpot draw once again took place in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. In total, 7 lotto winning numbers were drawn and these […]

EuroJackpot Result: Numbers for the Euro Lottery Draw 27/07/2012

EuroJakpot Result: check out the numbers for the latest Euro lottery draw, 27/07/2012 Friday evening saw once again the weekly draw of Europe’s lottery EuroJackpot result in a rollover. The draw happened on 27/07, and it was broadcasted live from EuroJackpot’s oficial draw city: Helsinki, Finland. To check out the latest drawn Eurojackpot numbers, check […]

Eurojackpot Winning Lottery Numbers Friday 22nd of June 2012

The latest Eurojackpot winning lottery numbers are in, the month of June is coming to an end but we will manage one more Eurojackpot draw before we welcome July. As of yet, no one has managed to hit all seven winning Euro Jackpot lottery numbers in June, which means the prize pot has risen to […]