EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers… Friday, 21/09/2012

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The EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers are in! Check out the results for the lottery’s Friday, 21/09/2012 draw.

The EuroJackpot draw happens every week in Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Nobody had matched the winning numbers on the last EuroJackpot draw, so the main prize had rolled over. If these are not the results you are looking for, be sure to check out our EuroJackpot Results page, where you can always find the latest lottery result!

- EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers -
Result – 21/09/2012 Friday Draw
EuroJackpot Main Numbers
18 – 29 – 41 – 44 – 49
EuroJackpot Bonus Numbers
01 – 05

Yet again, nobody managed to match those winning numbers, and the already big EuroJackpot prize keeps on growing… now, on the next draw, you have the chance to cash in the prize of EU €15,000,000.00! To play is very simple: click on the banner below, you can then choose your winning numbers at our favorite official lotteries provider online. It’s free to join, safe and easy! With the most popular lottery portal online you can’t go wrong. The best place to trust your lucky numbers is here:

Jackpot Banners

You can see on the complete EuroJackpot Results below that there are many ways of winning a money prize. So even if you don’t match all the EuroJackpot winning lottery numbers, you can still make quite a profit:

Jackpot0£ 11,202,380€ 14,000,000$ 18,135,600
Match 5 + 11£ 708,919€ 885,960$ 1,147,673
Match 50£ 0€ 0$ 0
Match 4 + 219£ 3,055€ 3,818$ 4,945
Match 4 + 1197£ 234€ 292$ 378
Match 4261£ 112€ 139$ 180
Match 3 + 2810£ 51€ 64$ 83
Match 3 + 110014£ 20€ 25$ 32
Match 312625£ 14€ 17$ 22
Match 2 + 213236£ 14€ 17$ 22
Match 2 + 171735£ 9€ 11$ 14
Match 1 + 2149762£ 8€ 10$ 12

Despite being a young lottery, Euro Jackpot has been driving a lot of players worldwide to buy tickets. The odds are good and, with one draw every friday, it’s the perfect ending for the week. In the lottery world, fridays are now EuroJackpot days. And one day it could be yours too! So remember: always check here on our homepage for news and the latest EuroJackpot winning lottery numbers. This could be your friday.

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