EuroJackpot Result: Winning Numbers for Friday, 22.03.2013

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We have the latest EuroJackpot result for you and it’s a very surprising one. On this Friday’s draw, 22.03.2013, no euro lotto player managed to pick all the winning numbers and the prize now rolls over! As always, a roll over is bad news but also extremely good news at the same time. An EuroJackpot roll over means that of course no one has been fortunate enough to win, but on the other hand the next jackpot will be bigger!

Although this friday’s EuroJackpot result means that no one managed to secure the main jackpot, it also means other players did earn themselves some nice prizes in the next tiers. But let’s talk about the most important piece of information now: the Euro Jackpot winning numbers! And here they are…

EuroJackpot Result: Friday’s Winning Numbers – 22.03.2013

Main Euro Jackpot Numbers: 05 – 12 – 21 – 43 – 48
Bonus Numbers: (05) – (06) 

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This roll over is not a common one. This is the seventh week no one manages to guess the winning euro lotto numbers, and now the EuroJackpot reached a record jackpot! For the next draw, friday the 29th of march, a prize of € 34 Million Euros is estimated.  Of course it is not as high a value as players might be used to see with other older, bigger Euro Lotteries. But it is a huge and exciting  jackpot for a young lottery such as our Euro Jackpot.

Although the main prized has rolled over there were still lots of secondary tier prizes to be won. Two very lucky players managed to pick all 5 main Euro Jackpot numbers, plus one of the Extra ones, to land a € 473,705 Euros prize each. Besides them, this EuroJackpot result was also kind to one single ticket holder who picked all 5 main winning numbers, without any of the extra ones, and took home the prize of € 128,666 Euros. You can check the complete euro jackpot results clicking on the banner above.

Euro Jackpot results and winning numbers

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