EuroJackpot Result! Numbers for the last draw 07/09/2012

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The EuroJackpot Result is here – check out the winning numbers from the 07/09/2012 draw

The latest EuroJackpot result is in! Last draw happened, as every week, on a Friday. This friday’s draw drove many eager players to our favorite EuroJackpot lottery internet agent and millions of tickets have been sold. Here you can see the lates EuroJackpot winning numbers and Results. If these aren’t the results you’re looking for, check out our EuroJackpot automated results page (click here).

* EuroJackpot Result – 07/09/2012 Friday Draw *
EuroJackpot Main Numbers
15 – 23 – 25 – 46 – 49
EuroJackpot Bonus Numbers
02 – 04

Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, there wasn’t a winner. That means the prize jackpot will roll over for the next draw (next week’s Friday), and it will be even bigger! Check out bellow the complete EuroJackpot result breakdown:

RESULTS             WINNERS                               PRIZE PER WINNER

Jackpot0£ 8,729,600€ 11,000,000$ 13,901,800
Match 5 + 10£ 0€ 0$ 0
Match 52£ 30,030€ 37,840$ 47,822
Match 4 + 213£ 4,265€ 5,374$ 6,792
Match 4 + 1224£ 196€ 247$ 312
Match 4220£ 126€ 159$ 201
Match 3 + 2754£ 53€ 66$ 83
Match 3 + 110124£ 19€ 24$ 30
Match 312582£ 13€ 17$ 21
Match 2 + 212707£ 13€ 17$ 21
Match 2 + 167352£ 9€ 11$ 14
Match 1 + 2159340£ 7€ 9$ 11

This EuroJackpot rollover means that, on the next draw (Friday, 14/09/2012) a very lucky player could win the jackpot prize of EU €12,000,000.00! EuroJackpot is a very new lottery, only started this year, but it has been growing and every day more and more people are looking for EuroJackpot tickets.

Through reliable, traditional official lotteries service providers, inhabitants of any location across the globe can now buy EuroJackpot lottery tickets without having to travel, or live, at the lottery’s official countries. To register free and buy tickets, simply click on one of the banners on the right, or on the banner below:

Jackpot Banners

As always, you can know more EuroJackpot lottery on our homepage EuroJackpot Result (click here). You can keep up to date on what’s going on at the lotto and much more by liking our EuroJackpot Result Facebook page, or following us on Twitter. Just click on the appropriate icon on the top of the post. And always fell free to come back to check the latest EuroJackpot result here with us!

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