EuroJackpot Result: Lotto Winning Numbers Friday, 24 August Draw

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EuroJackpot Result! Check out the Lotto Winning Numbers from Friday’s draw 24 August 2012

The numbers are in and here you can see the latest EuroJackpot Result. This Friday, 24 August, 2012, the EuroJackpot draw once again took place in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. In total, 7 lotto winning numbers were drawn and these make up the EuroJackpot result for this week. Have you got them all?

EuroJackpot Result
EuroJackpot Winning Numbers: 9 – 20 – 21 – 33 – 49
EuroJackpot Bonus Numbers: 5 – 7

If you are looking for a result from a later date, please refer to our automatically updated results page on: EuroJackpot Results. On this last Friday’s draw, the lotto was once again won, and the prize jackpot for next week starts at the base prize. For next week, EuroJackpot could be paying € 10,000,000.00! You can buy tickets for EuroJackpot online through the link bellow:

As is the case with any major lottery in the world, you can buy tickets online for EuroJackpot, without having to travel to the lottery’s countries. Through lottery agents as the one above, real tickets for official lotteries are purchased on your behalf, and prize money is automatically transfered to the bank account of your choice.

EuroJackpot Lottery is a pan European lottery. Young, this lottery only just appeared this year (2012), but has been very popular in attracting players – not just from Europe, but from all around the world. The ability to buy tickets from major lotteries around the world has made this portal hugely popular, and the demand for Eurojackpot just increases…

So now you know: click an of our banners to be part of this exciting, new European lottery. Change your life through the lottery – it is possible! And please always check our website for the latest news on EuroJackpot, latest winning numbers and EuroJackpot Result. Don’t let chance pass you by… your dream life could be literally a few clicks away.

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