Friday the 13th Makes for Increased Eurojackpot Chances

The Friday December 13th Eurojackpot draw sees a possibility to win as much as 10 million euros – the question on everyone’s lips is of course the affect the special date will have on the drawing. Friday the 13th is a legendary date beyond measure, and is widely considered the most unlucky day of the […]

Substantial Eurojackpot Prize Pot Up For Grabs This Friday

The Eurojackpot lottery jackpot has risen to 16 million euros

Seasoned lottery players will have noticed that the Eurojackpot prize pot takes awhile to build up a nice head of steam. That is at least true when you compare it to lotteries such as the Euromillions or American Powerball. The minimum reward for matching all drawn numbers, or starting jackpot amount if you will, is […]

The record EuroJackpot prize has been won! 12/04/2013

Check out the facts about the biggest eurojackpot prize ever

The EuroJackpot draw that took place on friday, 12/04/2013, was a historical one. The lottery had been rolling over for the past 10 draws. This historical draw produced a record jackpot prize, set at €46 million. This Euro Lotto prize was almost €17 million Euros more than the previous EuroJackpot record prize. Such a prize amount might […]

EuroJackpot Draw: Buy Tickets for the Record Draw Today, 12.04.2013

Find where to buy tickets for tonight's EuroJackpot Draw

Tonight we have a very special EuroJackpot draw. The newest european lottery has been rolling over for quite a while now, and it has reached a historical record jackpot amount. On tonight’s draw, if one ticket or more manages to match those lucky EuroJackpot numbers, a happy or more person might take home the staggering […]

EuroJackpot Winning Lottery Numbers: Result from 13/10/2012 Draw


Find out the EuroJackpot winning lottery numbers from last draw! Results from 13/10/2012 EuroJackpot had been rolling over for quite some time now… Because of the high jackpot, millions of lotto players, from the most diverse places around the globe, tried their luck on this last friday’s draw, on 13/10/2012. On this draw, happening again […]

EuroJackpot Results and Winning Numbers: 05/10/2012 Draw


EuroJackpot Results: View Here the Winning Numbers for the Last Draw on 05/10/2012 The EuroJackpot results are in! Check out the winning numbers here from last friday’s draw. Last draw saw a large number of tickets sold as the lottery reached a big roll-over. The draw happened yet again in the city of Helsinki, the […]

EuroJackpot Lottery on Record Rollover: 05.10.2012 Draw

check out the latest eurojackpot results and winning numbers

EuroJackpot Lottery is on a record rollover! Next draw, 05/10/10112, EuroJackpot could pay out the amazing sum of EU €16,000,000.00. The lottery has not been won for the past 5 weeks, so the jackpot has been growing since the 31st of august, 2012 draw. That’s quite a long time for this lottery, and quite an exciting […]