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This year, a new lottery has emerged on the scene  and with it came the question: where to buy lotto tickets? The answer is simple. There are two ways of purchasing official lotto tickets, and they could be seen as a difficult one and another, more convenient method.

As you are probably aware of, the game in question is the newest European lottery into this world of high stakes entertainment. It was launched in March 2012, and it was composed of basically the countries that are not part of the traditional EuroMillions lottery. The founding member countries are (so far) 8 in total: Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. Norway, Iceland and Sweden did not participate in the launch, but they are now full members and therefore the total number of nations playing stands at a whopping 14!

If you live in one of these countries, you can basically just acquire the game tickets right where you live, by going to a official ticket seller. Often these are to be found in convenience stores, newsagents and shopping malls, and you would obviously be subject to their opening hours. It could be quite inconvenient to come across what you might be convinced are your lucky numbers and then have nowhere to get a ticket…

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Which brings us to the other, more convenient way of buying lottery game tickets. If you don’t live in one of the lotto participating countries, or if you’re not there visiting, and even if you are there, but can’t find a game agent, or maybe it’s just too late for one… Either way, the most convenient way to make a lottery game ticket purchase is online. That’s right, here on the web.

Buy Eurojackpot lottery tickets online

Click any of the banners on our site and you’ll be pointed to a safe official tickets vendor operating online. Used by millions of users every day to buy entries for this one as well as tickets for other world famous lotteries, this is the fastest and simpler way to get your lucky numbers entered into the draw. And it could even be considered the safest one – since you can’t ever misplace your lottery ticket.

First and foremost choose your all important preferred (and hopefully winning) numbers. You have to pick 5 numbers, ranging from 01 to 50, and add to these two more numbers, from a separate set that range from 01 to 08. You can find out more on our EuroJackpot rules page. After this is done, simply click on one of the banners in our site to go to an official lotteries tickets provider. There, after a few simple steps and a free subscription, you’re set to play your game.

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