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Eurojackpot is a new Pan European lottery game in which draws take place on Friday evenings. The first draw was held on Friday March 23rd 2012 and draws are performed in a TV studio in Helsinki, Finland. National lotteries build their prize funds with the participation of citizens of their respective country, while a European cooperation setup such as this pools stakes from several member countries to build up jackpot prize pools of considerable note. Should the main prize not be won, it rolls over and is added to the next draw. The first prize cap is set at 90 million euros, while the minimum jackpot prize amount is set to always start at 10 million euros.

Eurojackpot lottery


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Tickets are of course not sold over the counter in countries which are not official participants of this particular lotto game. Players from the rest of the world can however play online.

Seven countries participated in the launch.

In alphabetical order, these are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.

Since then, seven more have joined in the fun, making for a total of 14 European nations that play this massive new lotto every Friday night of the week.
The other participating nations are, again in alphabetical order: Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

The reputation of this new and exciting European has spread far and wide and therefore lottery players from all over the world want to play the game via the internet. We will play our part in guiding all online players in the right direction and help spread the new lotto even further around the globe. It seems set to become one of the most revered lotteries on the planet – and certainly one of the most exciting!


Latest Draw Results

Here you will always find the very latest Euro Jackpot results and winning numbers.

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We serve you all the latest news, including of course the winning numbers from each Friday draw, the latest big prize details and other significant events. Basically any news that we believe can possibly be of interest to global lottery players curious about the lottery will be served up here. Our news section shows the most recent news at the top of page and is updated frequently so you are always kept informed of any important updates involving the latest European conglomerate numbers game. So far the signs are that this one is here to stay and prosper, and hopefully get bigger as time goes by!

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